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Hypertune 2JZ-GTE Street Port Billet Intake Manifold w/Bosch DBW 82mm

Throttle Body Option

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Introducing the Hypertune JZ Billet Intake Manifold Drive By Wire : Unleashing Power with Precision** (Bosch - 82mm Electronic Throttle Body - Includes connector and Pins can be added to complete the suit just select the drop down!

Discover the epitome of performance engineering with Hypertune's 2JZGTE intake manifolds – where power meets precision. The Hypertune 2JZ manifold is not just a component; it's the heartbeat of any 2JZ build. Crafted to perfection, this manifold transforms your vehicle into a powerhouse, delivering exceptional mid-range torque and a surge of top-end power.

*Why Choose the Hypertune 2JZ Manifold?

Designed for enthusiasts pursuing the ultimate in responsiveness, whether it's a street car, time attack monster, or a drift kingpin. For drag racers seeking the extreme, explore our "Hypertune Big Port Race Manifold." Our standard Hypertune JZ manifold has been rigorously dyno tested, boasting over 1500hp in its stock form. It doesn't just stop there; it maximizes airflow in the top end while providing substantial mid-range gains compared to the stock 2JZ intake manifold.

Ingenious Design: Where Innovation Meets Performance

Our design process is meticulous. We start by understanding the intricacies of your vehicle and engine, using cutting-edge computer software to create prototypes. Each detail is meticulously crafted, focusing on boosting efficiency in mid and high RPM ranges while retaining low RPM responsiveness. We consider modifications like camshafts and turbochargers to ensure peak performance for high-output applications.

Manufactured with Excellence: Precision Meets Craftsmanship

At Hypertune, precision is our forte. Our intake manifolds are manufactured using state-of-the-art CNC machinery and proprietary metal forming techniques developed in-house. We maintain accuracy down to an astounding .005mm throughout the entire intake runner – a precision that surpasses most porting services. Plenum chambers are meticulously crafted through our unique hydroforming process, guaranteeing lightweight yet structurally robust parts with optimal flow potential.

The Art of Assembly: Crafted by Experts

The journey from raw materials to the finished product is a testament to our commitment to quality. Skilled craftsmen, dedicated to their art, meticulously weld and assemble each manifold. It's not just assembly; it's a craft that results in products of unparalleled quality and uniqueness in the industry.

Elevate your 2JZ experience with the Hypertune JZ Billet Intake Manifold – where power, precision, and passion converge. Join the league of performance aficionados who demand nothing but the best.