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TurboSmart Blow Off Valve


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Smart Port Blow Off Valve

The Smart Port takes everything enthusiasts love about the Dual Port BOV – the classic vent-to-atmosphere sound in an ECU-friendly, direct fit factory replacement BOV – and makes it even better.

Turbosmart’s Smart Port technology means the BOV can remain closed at idle with a softer spring, improving valve response time and further reducing compressor surge, especially at low RPMs. This means the valve has the response and ECU-friendly operation of a plumb-back valve, while still offering the vent-to-atmosphere benefits many owners desire.

Just like the previous Type 5, the Smart Port can also be easily converted to either a full vent-to-atmosphere or full-recirculating BOV, thanks to its modular fitting system.

Machined from billet aluminium with an individually-matched, hard-anodized piston, the Smart Port does not use an O-ring to seal the piston against the body of the BOV, reducing friction and improving durability. The Mitsubishi Evo Smart Port also features an exclusive black body and red cap, designed to match the Evo’s engine bay.


  • Improved valve response time
  • Reduces compressor surge
  • Easily converts between VTA and re-circulation
  • Machined from billet aluminum
  • Part # TS-0215-1022